A Vision for the Future of Pennant Hills

For many years the Pennant Hills District Civic Trust has urged successive Councils to prepare a strategic vision for the development of Pennant Hills. We believe a pause in State Government imposed housing targets in the Shire plus the impending completion of major road and rail infrastructure (which will beneficially impact Pennant Hills), provides an opportunity for Council to use this time to prepare an overarching plan to guide the medium-term development of Pennant Hills.

The Trust is presenting this submission to Council, local politicians, and our membership with the intention of starting a conversation between all stakeholders which will result in a vision for the medium-term future of Pennant Hills which is designed by experts and accepted by the community.

As a Civic Trust we want to work in cooperation with Council to make progress on a Pennant Hills vision. The Trust does not purport to be an expert in the complexities of strategic town planning. It does however bring to the discussion the views of our membership and provides a forum through its communications channels and committee meetings for these views to develop in phase with more formal studies by Council.

Council will soon receive a report on the “economic feasibility study” for Pennant Hills We believe that approach to planning is not in the best interests of Pennant Hills. We suggest the alternate approach we have set out, while challenging, will deliver a better outcome for Pennant Hills. Our firm view is that the current incremental planning approach for Pennant Hills is inadequate. It should be terminated and replaced with a strategic planning approach

We urge the Council to immediately resolve to develop a strategic plan for Pennant Hills, starting with a vision for Pennant Hills and moving in a timely way through the various implementation steps. Continued neglect of strategic planning for Pennant Hills will not be as a result of lack of resources but a reflection of the priority Council puts on this important task.

Our Councillors are receptive to the views of their constituents, so if you have any comments on the views put forth in this document please make them known to Councillors direct (especially Ward B Councillors Robert BrowneJoseph Nicita and Janelle McIntosh) or via the Trust’s email channel.

You can read our Vision for the Future of Pennant Hills document here.