Third Track

The Issue – how to make the best of a bad job!

This rail transport project through the heart of Pennant Hills will result in:

  • major traffic disruption during the 4 year construction phase
  • a narrowing of Yarrara Road at the Ramsay Road intersection
  • Yarrara Road trees replaced by grasses and shrubs
  • ugly sound barriers along Wongala Crescent
  • loss of the trees that made for a pleasant station oasis
  • changes to the station that maximise rather than minimise the impact
  • a station structure completely out of character with the area
  • a third platform addition, the rationale for which defies logic
  • a station more concerned about maintenance cost than user comfort
  • a new footbridge that is much less convenient than the old one
  • a freight train holding bay from Wells St Bridge to Wongala Crescent
  • increased exposure to carcinogenic diesel engine exhaust fume
  • increased coal dust from uncovered coal wagons
  • increased rail noise pollution, on top of existing intolerable levels

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