Filling Pennant Hills Rd Potholes

Woohoo! More good news on Pennant Hills Road !

We’ve asked our local Member Matt Kean about the potholes in Pennant Hills Rd and what was going to happen with these now that 5000 trucks are no longer hammering through these anymore. So today we’ve received news Matt Kean’s office that a large part of Pennant Hills Rd will be resurfaced, removing significant risk as well as noise.

Works will be carried out over the next four weeks until December 17th (depending on the weather conditions) in two sections – between Nelson St and Huddart Ave in Normanhurst, as well as between Loch Maree Ave and the Comenarra Parkway in Thornleigh.

That’s 1.1km of new, quiet surface, in both directions!

The work aims to provide a smoother road surface, prevent or minimise damage to roads from weather and wear and tear, increase safety, provide consistent driving conditions and reduce maintenance costs.

Civic Trust Submissions

Over the past month the Civic Trust has had the opportunity to comment on a number of State and Council proposals.

First there is the NSW State Government’s Draft State Strategic Plan for Crown Land – although this is mostly focussed on rural and regional Crown Lands (e.g. surrounding Orange, Bathurst, Toowoomba, etc.) where large swaths of Crown Land are a target for either agricultural use or for development of new Estates, we do have a very long list of small bits and pieces of Crown Land in the Hornsby Shire. Observatory Park in Pennant Hills is an example of this.

We’ve submitted to protect these Crown Jewels in our area, as they are highly valuable pockets of green space in our suburb, important both as local wildlife canopy corridors and as recreational space. You can read our submission here.

Next there is the related NSW Government Draft Greener Spaces Design Guide. It overlaps to a fairly large extent with the Crown Land in our area, as these are mostly our green spaces. Apart from protecting these green islands in our suburb, we’ve argued to maintain or increase local canopy, as well as ensuring our residents will have good access to a variety of high quality recreation areas. You can read our submission here.

Finally, we have made a submission to Hornsby Council’s Local Housing Strategy consultation. We have argued to improve access for residents to large open spaces in our area, such as e.g. fenced off School Grounds, improved supply of medium density and affordable housing, making efficient use of the calmed down Pennant Hills Road corridor once NorthConnex opens up, and enabling (through Council input at the State Level) options for people to downsize and free up larger homes to families. We’re also arguing for a better regulation for Granny Flats instead of the current “filling in backyards with mini homes” approach. You can read our submission here.

We’re keen to hear your comments. Send us a message on our e-mail account, or comment on our facebook page.

Do you have ideas on how to improve our local living environment, and want to contribute to submissions? Join the Trust Executive and tell us what you think should happen! Contact us to find out how.

Community responds enthusiastically on Pennant Hills to Epping Bike path

When the Trust wrote in April on its lobbying for a family friendly, safe bike path between Pennant Hills and Epping we asked our community to give us their views on what they think should be the characteristics of such a bike path.

Community preferred route for the Pennant Hills to Epping Cycle Path

We were really excited by the range and number of responses we received. Clearly this is an important issue for many of us, and the range of responses shows our community wants to be involved with Hornsby Council in deciding the important characteristics of this project.

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Hornsby – Your Vision, Your Future

Future Hornsby –  Council is developing a long term vision for the Shire and reviewing the local strategies and plans that shape the way Hornsby Shire will change over time. It will form the basis of a Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) which will identify Hornsby Shire’s special characteristics and the values that are to be preserved and how change will be managed into the future.

This is Council’s opportunity to set out its 20 year vision for Hornsby. Preparation of a Local Strategic Planning Statement is a legislative requirement for all Councils in NSW following the release of the NSW Government’s Greater Sydney Region Plan – ‘A Metropolis of Three Cities’ and the North District Plan.

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Community Clean Up Event

Help make our waterways plastic free!

Bag Free Pennant Hills, Sydney Water, Hornsby Shire Council and the Pennant Hills District Civic Trust have all joined forces to combat the impact of plastic on our local environment.

They are calling for extra helpers to join them on Sunday 17 February, when they will clean the Blue Gum High Forest along Upper Pyes Creek. 

Hornsby Shire Mayor Philip Ruddock expressed enthusiastic support for both the alliance and the clean-up.

This is a great example of various stakeholders working together for the benefit of all,” Mayor Ruddock said.  “We are fortunate to have such spectacular natural heritage in the Bushland Shire and we are all determined to preserve it.

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