What we do


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The Trust operates courtesy of the financial support of its members  and through the efforts of a volunteer committee. The Trust’s activities are determined by the Committee in general session based on relevance to the Mission Statement.

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Issues are identified by monitoring newspapers, Council Business Papers, and through concerns raised by the local community.

The Trust investigates issues, makes written and verbal submissions to government bodies (and particularly Hornsby Council), lobbies Councillors and Parliamentarians, government  and public authorities as appropriate, and works cooperatively with neighbouring community associations.





Issues generally fall within the following focus areas, and are taken up by project teams or individual committee members as agreed by the Committee:

box7EBEC5 Development (incl. Heritage)
box7EBEC5 Environment,
box7EBEC5 Governmental Plans and  Strategies,
box7EBEC5 Roads and Traffic 


Community Survey – Your Voice Matters

The Trust is gathering thoughts and ideas through a survey ahead of the new Master Plan for Pennant Hills.



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The Trust aims to keep the loval community informed on the issues through:

box7EBEC5 “Our Pennant Hills”  Newsletters
 “From the Trust” columns in the Monthly Chronicle
box7EBEC5 Letters to local newspapers