Pennant Hills Biggest Ever Construction Site

Pennant Hills Biggest Ever Construction Site

NorthConnex Pennant Hills’ biggest ever Construction Site!  but fortunately most of the site will be underground ! 

The Wilson Road site, one of the four NorthConnex tunnel construction sites, covers 12 acquired properties including five with Killaloe Avenue and Pennant Hills Road addresses.

Site clearance is expected to start in June ready for the construction of a massive shaft measuring 12 by 16 metres (not far short of half a tennis court), and 77 metres in depth. The shaft will be used to:

box7EBEC5 lower 4 four massive ‘road header’ excavation machines, to excavate two 112 square metre cross-section tunnels in two directions, and

box7EBEC5 lift approximately 440,000 cubic metres of excavation spoil to the surface


Spoil management is a critical component of the build project with:


box7EBEC5 on site storage and truck loading is to be conducted in an acoustic shed

box7EBEC5 an average 15 truck movements per hour in a 10 hour day

box7EBEC5 spoil haulage traffic confined to Pennant Hills Road .

The Trust met with the build team, a Lend Lease / Bouygues joint venture, in mid May. It was an encouraging session in so far as they presented as experienced, sensible professionals compared to the previous blue sky spruiking by Transurban and the RMS.
Based on EIS estimates, the build team will be on site for 4 years, although they were optimistic that this schedule could be shortened. Throughout this period the residential amenity impact of construction traffic and worker parking in the local streets is a potential issue. The EIS committed to a designated employee parking area and bussing arrangement to avoid this issue, but local residents should consider monitoring this situation closely.