A Plan for Growing Sydney

A Plan for Growing Sydney 

In December 2014 the NSW Government released – A Plan for Growing Sydney – the third in a series of five yearly glossies starting in 2005. This plan tells us that:

 Sydney’s population will grow by 1.6 million in the next 20 years to 5.9 million 

 this growth will need an additional 664000 new dwellings by 2031.

Pennant Hills is clearly in the frame with the Governments plans including:

urban renewal along transport corridors – with the Hornsby to Strathfield line specifically identified for investigation, and 

with urban ‘renewable’ areas defined by a notional radius from, for example, a rail station, and  for areas with a broad range of established facilities – a notional radius of 800 metres 



The Plan describes urban revitalisation as

a built environment that connects and strengthens communities 

with green spaces and local infrastructure 

– a scenario that is a long way from the reality of Hornsby Council’s current Housing Strategy, for example the Fisher / Trebor block redevelopment, that has supported maximising the number of units to the detriment of community and societal factors.

Preserving Residential Amenity requires both a short and long term perspective and the Pennant Hills community needs to be awake to the possibilities of this Government’s Plan and engaged when appropriate. (For more information – Google – ‘A Plan for Growing Sydney’).